The Common Core Curriculum is an education initiative in the United States that describes what K-12 students should learn in english and math at the end of each grade level.

The standards initiative is sponsored by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).  The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were created by a group of people made up of state governors and state heads of education. 

At this time all states but five have adopted these standardsThe objective of the council was to develop a like set of internationally bench-marked standards that would be used and adopted by every state.  All of the states that have adopted the common core curriculum standards are now in the transition phase towards full implementation, which occurs in 2014-2015.

Why are there Common Core Standards?

Common Core Curriculum standards were developed for grades K-12 in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. The standards were written to be rigorous and to prepare students to enter college or the workforce upon graduating from high school.

The original state standards have built a quality foundation for the Common Core State Standards and are the first step in providing our young students with a highest quality education. The common core brings to the forefront what the standards of success should be in every school.

History of OnBoard Academics

classroom curriculumOnBoard Academics develops and publishes interactive lessons for K-8 ELA, Math and Science. OnBoard Academics was awarded a contract by SMART Technologies to write and develop curriculum using the award-winning SMART Notebook software.

Their first Notebook title, Middle School Math for SMART Notebook, was released in September, 2008, and was the first title to receive SMART's "Select" accreditation. 

This is the highest level of accreditation that SMART awards for SMART Board-ready instructional materials. The lessons will work with any types of technology!

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Works with all types of technology!

OnBoards' standards aligned lessons work with any technology; whiteboards, computers, tablets, chromebooks or any mobile device.  They are also available in workbook form for schools where technology is not available or for reinforcement of our digital content.

What Is A Lesson Locker?

Lesson Locker

When teachers get into school they will be able to access their lesson locker that will be stocked with over 700 interactive lessons. These lessons can be used on any computer or interactive whiteboard and with Splashtop Classroom. 

The titles cover K-8 ELA, Math and Science and all the lessons are aligned to the common core and the next generation science standards. Here's what else that will be available to them:

90 eWorkbooks –   Covering the same 700+ topics using the same approach, content and graphics. These are designed to be suitable for printing or for projection (when interactivity is not desired or available). These eWorkbooks are packaged in 4-5 topic sets by grade and subject.

Unlimited Wiki Workbooks – This is really a great feature which is comprised of custom workbooks that teachers can create within their Lesson Locker. What teachers will do is select up to 10 topics that correspond to their personal created lesson plans and a title from our collection of 700+ topics. A custom eWorkbook is then created and delivered immediately. 

Splashtop Classroom - This is an incredible feature that will link the teacher’s computer, teacher’s tablet, classroom projector, IWB, student’s chromebook, ipad or laptop together and will be able to share content in the classroom. Click here to try for free!!

A cloud hosted connection creates this interconnected environment which the teacher will control. The teacher has full control and will have the ability to assign presentation control to any student which in turn will lead the class. OnBoard's Interactive lessons will work seamlessly on all devices.