OnBoard Academics is an ELITE publisher for SMART Technologies.  We got our start creating lessons for whiteboards and now have a collection of over 700 lessons aligned to the common core and next generation science standards.  Our lessons align to state standards for those states who have not adopted the national standards.

Our product line includes whiteboard lessons for computer screens and whiteboards, iBook products for iPad, and eWorkbooks Printables for paper. 

SMART Technology created a simple whiteboard file reader that is completely free.  This reader is similar to the adobe pdf reader but for whiteboard files instead. Please click here to download your version.

With the development of this free reader our lessons now work with any computer so students can use them independently, in small groups or at home.  

All of correlation documents are available in the product resource section.  For a complete listing of products please click here download the file.

common core lessons

Our lessons are used in over 15,000 classrooms.  Educators love our lessons because they are standards aligned and very easy to use. Within 5 minutes from install a teacher can actually be teaching.  For less than $5 we provide an engaging, fun lesson that would take hours to create! 

Our design and development process is driven by educators. After production our lessons are place on trial in schools and evaluated for quality.  Any lesson that is deemed less than A+  is sent back for rework.  The result is a library of practical, effective lessons that are all teacher approved!

We are so confident about our lessons and their value that we offer a money back guarantee.  A return policy for software is unheard of but we are happy to do it.

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