Common core standards are high quality academic standards in mathematics and English .These standards outline what students should know and be able to perform at the end of each grade regardless of the state.

The standards were created to guarantee that students graduated from high school with knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in life, college and career regardless where they live. The District of Columbia and 45 states as well as the Department of Defense of Education Activity have accepted and adopted Common Core standards.

common core curriculumCommon Core standards were developed in 2009 and 2010.Within months the standards were adopted by the District of Columbia as well as 45 states. These standards were developed at a time when key policymakers, major foundations and corporations at the Department of Education agreed that public education was a disaster and the only way to make things right was to standardize education and tests .

This was critical in order to ensure quality and accountability in education. The standards were designed through collaboration among teachers, administrators and school chiefs as well as other experts to offer a consistent and clear framework for educators.

Previously various states had different education standards which made it almost impossible to harmonize skills and knowledge in schools. Having common core standards across the US guarantee that students receive high-quality education which is consistent from state to state and school to school.

This makes it easier for students who relocate such as military families that usually relocate to new duty stations to have consistent education standards no matter which state they move to.

Different states which have adopted these standards have individually decided on what skills and knowledge students should have by the time they have graduated from high school.

common core curriculum overviewCommon Core standards are:

  • Based on rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order thinking skills
  • Clear, consistent and understandable
  • Established upon the lessons and strength of current standards
  • Aligned with career and college expectations
  • Evidence and research-based
  • Informed by top performing countries in order to prepared students for success in the modern society and economy
  • The standards were released in 2010 and have two broad categories:
  • Career and college readiness standards which cover what students should know as they graduate from high school
  • K-12 standards which cover elementary to high school expectations

Basically Common Core standards are not a curriculum. They are a set of expectations and goals for skills and knowledge required by students to succeed. The standards leave room for local teachers, superintendents and principals to decide how the standards are to be met.

Unlike what critics say, the standards do not hamper learning as teachers will continue to make lesson plans and customize instruction to the various needs of individual students in their classrooms.

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