There are various common core curriculum pros and cons according to certain points of view. Teachers will find they will need to adapt to the new common core standards because it is currently being instituted across the country. These standards will set new benchmarks on how instruction will be done in the classroom and how students will learn from these instruction practices.

common core curriculum pros and consIt is one of the many options that is being used to standardize curriculum all over the US. Teachers have the options they need and can take advantage of the common core to teach some of the fundamental concepts that all students need to be aware of and that are part of their education.

Those who advocate common core curriculum have perspectives as to why this is important to educators. Here are some of the pros and cons of common core curriculum standards:



  • It standardizes learning concepts in K-12. Many teachers will find the options they need in terms of getting the standards that all students need to know. This is one of the critical objectives of this curriculum.
  • They are internationally benchmarked so can be used by students all over the world.
  • Allow states to compare issues internationally.
  • May lead to the development of higher order cognitive skills in various individuals.
  • It will allow individuals and teachers to monitor the progress of students throughout the years, these are some of the best things that these standards can do for students and schools.
  • States will share the same standards in terms of curriculum so students that are geographically mobile will share standards that are the same throughout the states. These are some of the pluses of these standards.
  • The standards allow students to better understand what is expected of them in terms of the curriculum and academic expectations. This will lead to increased understanding of objectives by both teachers and students.
  • They will allow better teacher standards and development throughout the years. These are some of the things you can expect with these standards and some of the best expectations that may be utilized throughout the years.


  • Needless to say there are cons with common core curriculum some of these are listed as follows.
  • These standards will initially be very difficult for student and teachers to adjust to. It will require a different mindset.
  • Teachers may burn out and pursue other career options rather than adjust to the new standards.
  • Some will say that common core standards are not well defined.
  • They will require younger pupils to learn at a faster rate than they have in the past which may lead to problems.
  • They will not have an equivalency tests for individuals, who have special needs.
  • The standards could be devalued or watered down and not be available to allow individuals to meet stringent standards.
  • Many current materials and texts may become obsolete
  • It will cost schools more money to update their materials and technological methods as to how they teach.
  • Even more value will be placed on standardized testing. Teaching to the test will continue and be increased most likely.
  • Core Curriculum only has skills associated with language arts and math.

These are some of the common core curriculum pros and cons to this type of standard.

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